HP Cloud Object Storage Overview

Leveraging OpenStack Storage, HP Cloud object storage provides a way to store and retrieve objects in a highly redundant cluster of publicly accessible physical machines hosted in HP data centers. Key terms include:

  • Object - The basic storage entity, most typically a file
  • Container - A compartment for storing Objects

The best way to learn more is to start using it yourself over at the HP Public Cloud Console. If you have any questions, try our Forums where you can learn from our own internal experts as well as other users in the HP Cloud community.


Do you need low level, raw REST API access to HP Cloud object storage? Trot on over to the Object Storage API page for details.


Got a favorite programming language? Don't like to deal with the guts of a REST API? Take a look at our Bindings section to see what your options are for writing code against HP Cloud Object Storage.


If you need a scriptable interface, look at our CLI documentation.