UNIX CLI for HP Cloud v13.5

Important Notice

On November 4, 2013, the UNIX CLI was moved into its End-of-Life (EOL) Cycle process toward final deprecation. Please be aware that this does not mean that the UNIX CLI is "going away", but simply that HP Cloud is relinquishing its ownership of this CLI and, instead, making it available on the HPCloud Github repository. We want to encourage existing customers to eventually consider migrating to the OpenStackClient (Unified) CLIs. As such, during this 6-month transition timeframe, HP Cloud will be dedicating engineering efforts around the OpenStackClient CLI as the primary Unified CLI of choice for development around your OpenStack cloud services.

We wanted to ensure you were aware of the changes that may affect you during this 6-month transition time:

  • The UNIX CLI has moved to the HP Cloud Github repository

  • Bugs will be addressed

    • Although the CLI has moved into the open source community, showstoppers and significant defects will be examined and addressed by the HP Cloud SDK/CLI team on a case-by-case basis.

HP Cloud has contributed the Unix CLI back to the open source community, and you can get support, access the documentation, and download the source code here.

The UNIX CLI for HP Cloud is a tool which allows Unix or Mac users to manage their HP Cloud from the command line or automated through scripts. There is no need to understand the underlying REST API or XML document format to use the CLI. There are two versions of the CLI: the 2.0 version for HP Cloud version 13.5 and the 1.9 version for HP Cloud version 12.12. We recommend that you move to version v13.5, but during the transition you can still find the documentation for v12.12 here.

Access the following documentation and resources:

Version 13.5 (Unix CLI for HP CLoud 2.0) documentation

Version 12.12 (Unix CLI for HP Cloud 1.9) documentation

For some release-by-release information, take a look at the UNIX CLI for HP Cloud release notes!

Download the software

Download the UNIX CLI for HP Cloud software for the HP Cloud version you are using:

For more information

For more tips and How-tos on using your UNIX CLI for HP Cloud, see UNIX CLI for HP Cloud: Articles on to use the UNIX CLI for HP Cloud.