HP Helion Public Cloud Software Downloads

HP Helion Public Cloud has a few software downloads, each of which is on its appropriate page--the Ruby Fog Bindings download is on the Ruby Fog Bindings page, for example. But to give you quick and easy access, we have also consolidated our list of downloads here on this page. Find what you're looking for and download away!

Here's what we have for you:

Command-line Interface (CLI) Packages


Windows CLI

Note: See the HP Helion Public Cloud version 13.5 overview page for information on software versions.

Python NovaClient

Language Bindings

Ruby Fog Bindings

We have moved all our Ruby Fog bindings to the Fog Community; please continue to use them and contribute back as well!

Java/Clojure jclouds Bindings

PHP Bindings

.NET Bindings

  • Installation page (This is the Codeplex repository page for the installation package)

Javascript Bindings for node.js

If you need any more information about these downloads, or our software in general, we urge you to visit our site map to locate the information you're looking for. In addition, you can try our knowledge base, or our forums.