HP Helion Public Cloud Binding Support

One of the advantages of being active with OpenStack is that there is a healthy community of developers working on language bindings. HP augments those in strategic areas and recommends others for your general use. Take a gander at the choices you have at your disposal below. Don't see what you need? Don't be shy. Get involved and create something for submittal back to OpenStack.

Available open source bindings

We created this set of bindings and have them available as open source. While not actively supported, we use these ourselves for various use cases and anyone in the public is free to expand upon them.


HP offers the Java/Clojure supported jclouds multi-cloud binding.

PHP Bindings for HP Helion Public Cloud

The PHP Bindings for HP Helion Public Cloud on our GitHub account supports Object Storage and CDN. We use this on our own Drupal-based sites, like the one you're reading right now.

Drupal Module

OK, so technically this isn't a binding but it's some open source that we use ourselves that we're making available to the public. Take a look at our HPCloud drupal module, which lets you use Object Storage and CDN to offload files (typically images) from your Drupal site to our services.


For our friends on the Microsoft platform, we have a .NET open source binding over at CodePlex that supports Object Storage, CDN, and Compute. As you might guess, our own Windows CLI is built on this codebase.

Javascript (node.js)

The HP Helion Public Cloud Javascript bindings support our identity services and object storage functionality. We use this in our own applications.

Ruby Fog bindings for HP Helion Public Cloud

HP Helion Public Cloud has contributed our extensions of Ruby Fog back to the open source Ruby Fog community. Please check here to download the bindings, see new enhancements, and contribute back yourself!